Wiktoria Wojciechowska

Swallow (2013 - ongoing)

It is very easy for Westerners to treat the Chinese as a mass where you can’t specify particular individualities. Robots with identical faces, pursuing wealth, without a free will, blindly executing the orders of the government, disrooted from tradition and spirituality. We are comfortable with pigeonholing Chinese in stereotypes, thus reassuring ourselves of Western superiority. Starting from this position we are going East, colonising everything with western pop culture, being never really able to deeply understand even a single individual.


This project is an intimate record of conversations and images from the period of time which I spent with my friend Cōng Yàn in China. I don't understand anything, I give her many questions and listen her replies.

I merge symbols and meanings, the codes from eastern and western cultures. I’m floating on associative intertexts, looping references.

The project contains digital, analog and polaroid photographies, both, black & white and colour. Furthermore, it contains photos with graphic modification, archives, objects, images, gifs or short videos and texts.