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The installation is an opportunity to be blessed by a 504 hands, carved out of oyster shells, some of which have garnet stigmas. Oyster shells symbolize the excessive consumption of contemporary world, were used once as incrustation for decorations or to produce little objects like buttons. Here, conceived like ex-votos made with the organic matter of the shells, they evoke a Bodhisattva with a thousand arms, the ‘’offered’’ hands of Christian religious iconographic representations or the protective hand of Fatma.
The hand, the most tactile organ, is responsible for the sensual perception of the surrounding world. The hand gesture is highly symbolic, «touching» us from a distance, transmitting energy.

Blessing hands, 2022, 504 carved oyster shells, garnets, steel, 300x160 cm.

Blessing Hands

Blessing Hands

Blessing Hands

Blessing Hands

Blessing Hands

Blessing Hands